Hazard Analysis Inspections

Phased Approach

With our Phased approach, you can schedule your safety implementation goals throughout the year.  Payment can be made in a lump sum or phases.

PHASE 1  Initial OSHA Compliance Assessment

  • Conduct opening conference with key upper management personnel.
  • Review of existing written safety programs.
  • Review of past three years injury and illness data.
  • Conduct physical OSHA Safety Compliance Assessments.
  • Review OSHA logs/incident reports.
  • Presentation of OSHA findings to management to include the estimated OSHA fines and cited standards.
  • Presentation of deficient written safety programs.
  • Presentation of required OSHA training needs.
  • Presentation of required air monitoring needs.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive written report of all above mentioned Phase 1 Activities.

PHASE II Monthly OSHA Compliance Maintenance

  • Provide OSHA standard updates as needed.
  • Provide on-site OSHA safety assessment twice a month.
  • Review on-site OSHA log.
  • Conduct monthly site safety committee meeting with written minutes.
  • Conduct tool box safety talks twice a month.
  • Provide Behavior Based Training twice a month.
  • Conduct Job Hazard Analysis as needed.
  • Develop written safety programs.
  • Conduct OSHA awareness training as needed.
  • Conduct air monitoring as needed.
  • Prepare monthly safety status report of all above mentioned activity, delivered 1 week after each monthly meeting.

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