Occupational Safety (OSHA) & Third Party Consultants

Contracted Safety Consultants, such as Occupational Safety Solutions (OSS), play a major role in increasing the safety & health of workplaces across the nation. They work with you to make your company aware of OSHA’s regulations and to help your company become OSHA compliant before OSHA conducts an inspection.

Using a Contracted Safety Consultant Shows Operating in “Good Faith”

Contrary to popular belief, OSHA is not out to get you. Compliance officers have the employees’ best interest in mind, and they love to see companies who are taking all of the proper steps to make sure that their employees return home from work safely each day.

When OSHA sees a company who is working hand in hand with a third-party consulting company, it shows that a good faith effort is being put forth towards improving the safety of your employees.

Discounts Available for Using a Contracted Safety Consultant

OSHA understands that there are a lot of business owners out there that do not have a safety background. Reaching out to a contracted safety consulting company shows OSHA that the company officials place safety as a high priority, and OSHA will often give employers up to an additional 20% reduction off of their fines for hiring a safety company.

Contracted Safety consulting companies offer many services such as safety training, mock OSHA auditing, providing corrective solutions, developing company specific written safety programs, and maintaining clients’ records. All of these services contribute to OSHA’s overall mission to create a safer workplace in America.