Courtesy Walk Through Inspection

FREE Inspection!


Wouldn’t it be nice to find out what problems might be lurking around your place of business — without being obligated to signing up for a huge correctional program or training package?  Well, we’ve got just the thing for you.

OSS will conduct a FREE Courtesy Walk Through Inspection conducted by one of our highly trained and certified inspectors. We’ll point out all the problems that could get you into trouble with OSHA without the risk of OSHA shutting you down. By asking a few questions, we’ll ascertain just what sort of training would be appropriate for your situation.

Full Report Provided!

Then, we’ll prepare a full report for you, with recommendations of what you need to do to get into compliance with OSHA’s rules and regulations.

This FREE, courtesy walk-through inspection is without oblgation to purchase anything from us.  It’s just a friendly gesture we provide for our neighbors, to help you create a healthy, hazard free work place.

Contact Brad Holman to schedule your courtesy walk-through inspection.