Online vs. Onsite Training: Pros and Cons

If your company’s needs require that your staff take courses online, please review the helpful tips below for the utmost success. Consider the success of taking courses online versus onsite.


1.) Do not tell your employees to use their off time to get their online training done.

The most effective way to go about promoting an encouraging learning atmosphere is to schedule time to take the course, just like you would schedule time if a live instructor was onsite.

2.) Allot them ample time to complete the training.

Although online courses tend to take less time (there is no commuting, shortened breaks, shorter lunches), the course material is still pertinent and should be treated with as much importance as a live class.

3.) Failure is a possibility with taking an online course.

Online courses typically have quizzes at the end of each section or topic. In order to move to the next section, your employee needs to pass each quiz. Should your employee fail a quiz, it is likely that the employee will need to review the entire section before being allowed to retake the quiz and move on to the next section. Thus, it may take your employee just as much time to complete an online course as an onsite course.

Some online courses have a maximum number of quiz failures before requiring that the employee take a live, in-person course. Chances are minimal that failures will occur, but there is still a slight chance.


1.) The camaraderie.

The in-person team environment that is fostered with onsite training is unique in that your staff is in the same training, with the same instructor, the same course format, and it fosters a team mindset. Ice breakers, group activities, interactions, and discussion are a great positive enhancement to onsite training.

2.) Quizzes are minimal

Onsite instructors usually eliminate quizzes at the end of each section because it requires time, effort, and resources. Onsite courses typically just have an end-of-course exam to pass. Sometimes, attendance for the entirety of the training is all that is required for the same course that requires quizzes online. Your staff will most likely have a higher passing rate for in person courses.

3.) Less cost effective

Onsite courses require more resources: an instructor, a venue to hold the course, paper for exams, and the cost of processing all of the exams.

Occupational Safety Solutions, LLC provides both types of training. Please reach out for either training option. We are happy to provide both for your company’s training needs.

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