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Occupational Safety Solutions, LLC is a certified MBE, ACDBE and HUB firm specializing in providing Safety Professional Staff placement (temporary or permanent), Safety Training (Virtual/On Site), Auditing Services and Systems Safety Certification Programs.

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Occupational Safety Solutions,

we understand the importance of a strong foundation for workplace safety and health. That's why we offer a comprehensive Safety and Health Program that includes Management commitment, Employee Involvement, Hazard Assessment, and Employee Training followed by analysis, inspections, and audits through a systematic approach. We have worked with dozens of businesses across all industries to provide safety and health solutions tailored to their needs. Our services include partnering to develop policies and procedures, setting up comprehensive systems, assessing existing programs, and providing mock compliance audits. We believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients to meet their needs and requirements. Trust us to provide the comprehensive safety and health solutions your business needs.

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System Safety and Security Management

OSS has experience in providing full-service Safety and Security Management Plans (SSMP).

Safety Training/Live Virtual/On Site

Occupational Safety Solutions offers customized safety and OSHA training courses and curriculum for all…

Safety Exam Preparation Workshop

Under Safety Exam Preparation Workshop Get your BSCP Certification today

Safety & Health Programs Management

As an employer, your most valuable asset is your workers. Establishing a safety and…

Professional Staffing

At OSS Professional Staffing service, we provide excellence in talent placement. Our strategic approach…

Mock OSHA Assessments/Audits

Our Mock OSHA Assessments/Audits service is designed to provide a comprehensive

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Safety Management Programs

Safety Management Programs for all types of clients


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Hello Mr. Holman, as a student enrolled in your CHST class, I appreciate the knowledge and expertise you give us in preparation for the next level of achievement in my career. Thank you

Lester Taylor

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Impressed by the proactive safety measures implemented by Occupational Safety Solutions LLC. Professionalism and reliability at its best!

Boris Elbert

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Occupational Safety Solutions LLC ensured our workplace's safety with precision and expertise. A trustworthy partner for compliance!

Ivor Herbert

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LLC is a certified MBE, ACDBE and HUB firm specializing in providing Safety Professional Staff placement (temporary or permanent), Safety Training and Auditing Services.


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