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System Safety and Security Management

OSS has experience in providing full-service Safety and Security Management Plans (SSMP). Our consulting services lifecycle defines events, procedures, and tasks that take place within your project.

Each lifecycle phase concludes with a review enabling management evaluations. This lifecycle consists of the following phases:

     Preliminary Engineering
     Final Design
     Integrated Testing
     Pre-revenue (Interim) Operations

OSS professionals have applied safety and security program management plans on transportation and startup projects/expansions to the following agencies:

     Sound Transit
     Capital Metro

At each stage of your project, OSS confirms compliance with the project’s safety and security requirements through the issuance of various certificates documented in the Final Verification Report.

LLC is a certified MBE, ACDBE and HUB firm specializing in providing Safety Professional Staff placement (temporary or permanent), Safety Training and Auditing Services.


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